What does Islam say about non-Muslims?


Some extremist Islamist terrorist groups have spread around the world. They hold a very extremist ideology. In particular, the al Qaeda Twin Tower attack. Where the attack was mainly targeted at non-Muslims.

The Twin Tower attack may be a little old. So let’s calculate without the Twin Tower incident. Let’s talk about ISIS born in Iraq and Syria. ISIS declared after establishing their so-called Islamic caliphate that it was obligatory to kill all non-Muslims.

This led to ISIS brutal crackdown on non-Muslims in Iraq and Syria. Not just non-Muslims. In addition, inhumane genocide was carried out on the believers in “Shia Islam”. Not just Iraq and Syria.

IS used to target non-Muslims all over the world. In 2019, IS carried out a suicide bombing attack on a church in Sri Lanka. Moreover, IS also carried out attacks on Gulshan Bakery in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Due to such attacks on non-Muslims in different ways at different times, Islam is a name of terror to non-Muslims all over the world. However, many Islamic scholars have issued fatwas against these extremist groups as non-Muslims.

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What has Islam said about non-Muslims?

Islam is an Arabic word. Which means peace. Truth be told, true Islam always conveys the message of peace. Not just Islam. All religions around the world carry the message of peace. In the same way, Islam has come to convey the message of peace to the people. What does the Muslim holy book “Qur’an” say about non-Muslims?

Non-Muslims are mentioned in verse 256 of Surah 2 of the Holy Qur’an. That verse is mentioned. No non-Muslim can be compelled to convert to Islam. There is more to this verse. Those who will not accept Islam. Their fate is determined long ago by the Creator. Source

Sura 10 of the Quran. This is stated in verse 99 of Surah Yunus. In this verse, it is clearly stated that non-Muslims cannot be added The verse says, “If your Creator had willed, He could have sent everyone into the world as a Muslim. But would that not have thwarted the purpose of creation? Will you (Muhammad) force non-Muslims to accept Islam?” Soruce

Surah Al-Khaf. 18th surah of the Qur’an. In the 29th verse of this surah also non-Muslims are mentioned. In this verse, Prophet Muhammad is told, “You say that this religion comes from God. Whoever wills will accept the religion. And whoever does not like it. He will not accept It.” Source

However, according to Islam, all non-Muslims will go to hell. Non-Muslims will suffer severe punishment in the grave. Which is stated in verse 6 of Surah Kafirun. Besides, the same thing is said in the 19th verse of Surah 73 of the Qur’an. Source

Where the whole Qur’an is not mentioned. Rules for killing non-Muslims for no reason. However, some Islamist extremist groups have now emerged. Those who are arranging Islam in their way. Besides, they are killing ordinary people in the name of jihad.

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