Why Bangladesh is not a developed country?


Bangladesh is a small country in South Asia. Although much smaller in size, it is the eighth largest in the world in terms of population. According to the 2016 census, the total population of Bangladesh is about 16 crore 37 lakhs. Which is equal to the total population of Germany, France and Spain.

Present-day Bangladesh has been exploited in different ways at different times. At one time the whole of Bengal was part of India. Then in 1947, when the rainy season broke, present Bangladesh became known as East Pakistan. Only 24 years after the independence of Pakistan, East Pakistan became independent and present-day Bangladesh was formed.

What was ancient Bangladesh like?

Bengali does not only mean Bangladesh. Calcutta, Assam, Bihar, Tripura and Jharkhand are part of Greater Bengal. However, the capitals of this great Bengal were Calcutta and Dhaka.

One of the oldest civilizations in the world was born in the Indian subcontinent. The Indus Valley Civilization was formed along the banks of the river Indus. As a result, Bengal soon got the touch of civilization. At first, Bengal was a prosperous and developed place.

Many crops were cultivated in this agriculturally dependent Bengal. Special paddy, jute, wheat etc. In 1757 Nawab Sirajuddaula was defeated on the outskirts of historic Palashi. As a result, Bengal became dependent. The power of the whole of India including Bengal passed into the hands of the British.

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The British started cultivating indigo in the agricultural lands of Bengal. Jute cultivation is prohibited. When many peasants protested against this decision of the English, they were sentenced to death. As a result of the long cultivation of indigo, the lands of Bengal lost their fertility In 1857, the per capita GDP per capita in Bengal was about ten US dollars. Note that at the same time, the British GDP per capita was only three US dollars.

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The way Bengal became part of Pakistan.

The East India Company left India on 14 August 1947. However, they leave some unresolved issues. The burning proof of this is the conflict between Pakistan and India over Kashmir. India is divided based on racialism. In other words, Pakistan will get the Muslim ruled places. India will get the majority Hindu provinces.

As a result, Bengal, which is 1200 miles away, became part of Pakistan. Moreover, Assam, Calcutta, Bihar, Tripura and Jharkhand became separate from Bengal. However, Bengal did not have to be a part of Pakistan for long. Mainly due to the exploitation and oppression of West Pakistan, the people of Bengal tried their best to become independent.

Bangladesh gained independence on 16th December 1971. However, some parts of Bengal gained independence. Most of the places remained occupied in India. Moreover, the East India Company, India and Pakistan have all looted Bangladesh’s wealth.

The current situation in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh current economic situation is much better than India and Pakistan. According to 2021, the total GDP of Bangladesh is 411 billion dollars. The average per capita income is about 2,800 The average per capita income in Pakistan is 1,600. The average per capita income in India is 2,150.

Fifty years ago, these countries were several times more developed than Bangladesh. However, today they are much less rich than Bangladesh. Bangladesh was once one of the poorest countries. However, at present Bangladesh is gradually improving.

Why Bangladesh is not a developed country?

Due to its large population, Bangladesh is an underdeveloped country. Only size and population are not responsible. On the contrary, due to the corrupt ruling class and unplanned decisions, Bangladesh could not make rapid progress.

However, Bangladesh is moving forward by overcoming all obstacles. Towards building one of the strongest economies in the world. Moreover, according to analysts, the future of Bangladesh’s economy is much better.

So it can be said. Very soon maybe Bangladesh will be known in the world as a developed country.

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