What is the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis?


One of the biggest crises in the world today is the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. Israel claims Jerusalem as Jewish land. Palestinians, on the other hand, think Jerusalem is part of Arabia.  Moreover, it is a holy place for Muslims. Note that Baitul Muqaddas or Al Aqsa was the first qibla of the Muslims.

Jerusalem is the holy site of the three main religions. Al-Aqsa to Muslims. The birthplace of Jesus for Christians. Holy Wall for the Jews. Both Jews and Muslims want to occupy Jerusalem. Not just at present. From ancient times the three monotheistic religions have been divided over Jerusalem.

How did the Palestinian-Israeli crisis begin?

The current territory is known as Palestine. This territory was occupied by the Ottomans until the First World War. But the Ottomans were expelled from Palestine during the First World War. As a result, Britain took control of Palestine.

Those who lived in Palestine at that time. They were mostly Arab Muslims. Besides, some Arab Jews and Christians lived. But they were a minority.

The international community was pressuring Britain to create a state for Jews in Palestine. For which Jews from Europe started coming to Palestine in groups.

This created tension between the two communities. The Jews have been demanding. Palestine is the land of their former men. But the Palestinians reject the Jewish claim. As a result, the armies of the friendly Arab countries entered Palestine and engaged in war with the Jews.

When the crisis between Palestinians and Jews escalates. Violence against the British was also on the rise. As a result, the British left Palestine without any solution. Only then did the Jews declare themselves independent of European aid.


The birth of the state of Israel and the defeat of Palestine.

Many Palestinians opposed the self-proclaimed Jewish state of Israel. The Palestinian people call this self-proclaimed state of the Jews “Al Naqba” or “Great Disaster.”

The war ended with a peace treaty the year after the declaration of the Jewish state. However, within this time, Israel has occupied most of the Palestinian territories. Moreover, Jordan occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied Gaza.

The holy city of Jerusalem is divided into two parts. The western part of Jerusalem is under Israeli control and the eastern part of Jerusalem is under Jordanian occupation.

Current map of Palestine?


Through another war in 1967. Israel occupied East Jerusalem, Gaza, the West Bank, the Golan Plateau in Syria. However, Israel later withdrew its troops from Gaza. However, the United Nations still claims Gaza as Israel.

Moreover, during the 1967 war, Palestinians fleeing Jerusalem took refuge in Jordan, Lebanon. Israel did not allow any of them to return to the country. Israel thinks they should not be allowed to return home. When they return to Jerusalem, there will be no Jewish state.

Present-day Israel claims the whole of Jerusalem as its capital. The Palestinians, on the other hand. call East Jerusalem the capital of their future state. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, has been recognized by a handful of countries, including the United States.

Israel has been building Jewish settlements in the city of Jerusalem for the last fifty years. So far, Israel has settled about 600,000 Jews in Jerusalem. The Palestinians, on the other hand, have always been demanding. Construction of these settlements. Which violates international law.

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What is the root cause of the Palestinian-Israeli crisis?

One of the biggest crises in the world today...