Batman: The enemy within is completely unlocked for free.


Batman:the enemy within is a story game made by telltale gaming company. Originally, the character of Batman movie was presented here in the form of gaming. Many new episodes have been added. Which we haven’t seen before in the Batman movie.

telltale gaming company first released Batman games for PC, Xbox and PS4. But now the game is available for Android and ios devices. However, the game is not available for all countries. The game is available only to Americans. Also one session of the game is free and all other sessions are paid.

All the characters from the Batman movie can be found in the game. As well as many new enemies will be found. Which we haven’t seen before in the Batman series.

How to download full unlocked games?

If you are not American, you must use a VPN. So, you can access the American server. VPN

Then search for Batman: the enemy within the Play Store or App Store. Then download the game. Install an app called Zarchiver from the Play Store as well.

Unlock the game session.


Open the Z Archiver app. Then go to device storage. Then click on the file called Android. Then click on the obb file. Find the file Batman: the enemy within.


Then cut the file and put it in any other file. Then exit the app. Then uninstall the Batman game app.


Download the Batman Game Mod app. The download link of the mod app will be given below. Then install the app and open the game. Then exit the game.


Go to where you placed the game’s obb file. Then click on the file. You will see two new files. Hold on to any one file. Then cut or move to stroge / Android / OBB / Batman enmy within / paste it. Keep the rest of the file, similarly in the obb file.


Exit the Zarchiver App. Then open the game. Let the load take some time. Then click Session. You will see that all the sessions have been unlocked. Now you download all the sessions and enjoy the whole game.

Muhammad Fahim
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