What is the future of the Islamic government in Iran?


Through the so-called Islamic Revolution of 1979, Shiite clerics seized control of Iran. Iran was transformed from a secular state into a Shiite Islamic state. As well as the fall of the thousand-year-old Persian dynasty.  The last king of Persia was Muhammad Reza Pahlavi. After the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Iranian Shiite government wanted to spread this revolution throughout Arabia.  Due to which Iran had a long war with Iraq.  Moreover, with militia forces like Hezbollah in Lebanon and Houthi in Yemen, Iran is trying to spread their so-called revolution across Arabia.

Iran is on par with the United States in the Middle East war of attrition. But competing with America is not so easy. For twenty years, the United States has imposed economic sanctions on Iran. As a result, Iran’s economy has become much weaker.  Besides, unemployment has increased five times more than before. The Iranian youth are blaming the regime for the situation.

The movement against the Islamic government in Iran.


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Over a few days, large-scale movements erupted across Iran. The protesters want the fall of the current Islamic government.  Young women in Iran feel that the mullahs have violated their rights through Islamic law. It should be noted that many young people in Iran today are secular or atheists.  In 1979, the Islamic government made it compulsory for women to wear headscarves during the Islamic Revolution. Most young Iranian girls today are reluctant to wear headscarves.

The British newspaper The Guardian conducted a survey. Where a hundred young Iranians participate. They were asked, “Do you want an Islamic government? What message do you want to give to the West?”It can be seen in the survey. Most young Iranians appeal to the West to lift economic sanctions. They further added that Iran is no longer a bigoted country. Iranians are now a proud nation. They understand that religion is of no use. So religion must be left out. Besides, the old mullahs who believe in religious beliefs should be deposed.

This is exactly the situation in Iran today. As a result, young Iranians are turning away from religion. They are moving towards western culture. Iran’s current atheists and secularists liken the current government to a terrorist regime.

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Why are ordinary Iranians dissatisfied?

The main reason why ordinary Iranians are dissatisfied is economic weakness.Iran’s economic situation is very bad, mainly because of its poor relations with the West. However, even with such a bad economy, Iran has not stopped spreading its revolution. For that, many large militia forces had to be formed in the Arab countries.

Iran sends billions of dollars in aid to Hezbollah in Lebanon. Iran has created about 20 Shiite militias in Iraq. All of which have to be funded by the Islamic government of Iran. There are Houthi forces in Yemen. Houthi terrorists are thwarting an attack by the entire Arab League with the help of Iran.

Iran has created many such militias around the world. The Islamic government has to finance all of them. Besides, Iran is seen standing by the Shiites of different countries. Iran spends a lot of money on all these works. About 20% of Iran’s weak economy is spent on financing terrorists. The Iranians can’t stand that their country’s money is being squandered in this way.

What will be the fall of the Islamic government of Iran?

Iran’s Islamic government is likely to fall. The way the people are taking a stand against the Islamic government. This means that another revolution like the one in 1979 could happen in Iran. But that is not the Islamic revolution. That could be the atheist revolution. There could be a Christian revolution as well.

If the country’s economy is not strong, the country’s youth will not be able to return to religious faith. The so-called Islamic government will soon fall from Iran.

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