Will Erdogan establish Islamic rule in Turkey?


Most people in Turkey are Muslims. But Turkey is not a Muslim country. Rather, Turkey is a secular country. The Ottoman Empire, which once ruled the entire Muslim world, is now called Turkey. The Ottoman Empire collapsed during First World War. Besides, the Turks became subjugated. Greek and English troops used the inhumane treatment on the Turks. But the Turks have always been a warrior nation.

The Turks did not accept the tyranny of the Greeks and English at all. Turkish soldiers in various armed forces began to work for the country. At first, there was a small revolt. But gradually this revolt became very popular. Ordinary Turks chose the path of war for independence in groups. And all this was possible for Mostafa Kamal Pasha Ataturk.

When the Turks became independent, Mustafa Kemal Pasha became a hero to the people of the country. Mostafa Kamal Pasha then served as President for several years. During his presidency, Mustafa Kemal Pasha turned Turkey into a secular state. He stopped giving Azan in Arabic. He changed the written language from Arabic to Latin. Modern Turkey became a country entirely of Western civilization.

Istanbul city

What is the identity of Turkish President Erdogan?

This was a crime when practising Islam in Turkey. At that time, Erdogan started studying in a madrasa. Born into a poor family, he used to eat watermelon three times a day. Erdogan’s father was a watermelon trader. Recep Tayyip Erdogan often sells watermelons on the streets to raise money for education.

In secular society, he has become a laughing stock of people at different times while trying to build himself up in Islamic ideology. Many people used to say when they saw Erdogan, the boys of the madrasa could do nothing but perform Janazah on the dead. Erdogan would have been very upset to hear this from the people of secular society. Erdogan has always wanted Islamists to have equal rights in everything in the country. Erdogan entered politics from Turkey with such thoughts.

Islamist government in Turkey.

Different times in Turkey. Different governments have come. Even after the introduction of secular rule, many Islamist governments came to power in Turkey. Many of them were dismayed by the army coup. Tuuk’s military is the only armed force in the world to have executed its president.

Turkey also makes D-8. To further increase economic transactions between Muslim countries. Erdogan has been in Turkey for the last time since 2000. He has been known to the West as an authoritarian ruler for so many years.

However, Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan love Erdogan, the current president of Turkey. In particular, the young society of the subcontinent. Moreover, Erdogan has many fans in many countries, including Azerbaijan.

Is it possible to establish Islamic rule in Turkey?

The way Erdogan is moving forward. If you can hold it. Then Islam can be re-established in Turkey with his hand. The influence of Islamic law is growing in Turkey. Especially after the release of the Turkish Islamic TV series. Moreover, because interest is forbidden in Islam, Erdogan is reducing interest rates.

Which had an impact on the Turkish economy. The market price of the lira has tripled in the last week. It is usually one dollar instead of seven lira. However, it rose to one dollar instead of eighteen lira. However, in the last three days, the value of the lira has started to rise again. Instead of the current one dollar you have to pay 12 lira.

Moreover, Erdogan is using religion in almost all parts of the country. According to Erdogan, my religion tells me to do what I want. I can only do that. There is nothing more I can do. However, the Turkish atheist and secular community protested against Erdogan, but to no avail. So they are working with the CIA and Mossad.

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