The ICC is officially going to make a new cricket game.


There are good quality video games for all sports in the world. There are video games for cricket. However, it is not in agreement with the ICC. In addition, Big Ant Studio has launched 22 cricket games under an agreement with the Australian Cricket Board.

But Cricket 22 is a PC/Ps4/ps5/Xbox game. Cricket 22 is not available for Android and iOS users. The game of cricket is popular in all countries. All these countries are developing countries. So it is normal that, not everyone will have a PC.

Thinking of Android and ios users. The ICC will come up with a cricket game very soon. Recently, the ICC mentioned this on their website. However, the possible name of the game, did not say.

The ICC will build the game mainly targeting the markets of India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. However, the ICC did not say whether the game will be available for Android & ios operating system but for PC.

The ICC mentioned in their website article. The graphics of the game will be much better. Besides, the faces of the players will be very real.

Muhammad Fahim
Writing online is not my job. But I like to write, so I write. As far as I know, that's all I want to tell you.



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