Saudi Arabia could become a secular state.


Saudi Arabia is a very sacred place for Muslims around the world. The Holy Kaba is located in Saudi Arabia. Which is the holiest place for Muslims. Al-Masjid a Nabawi the second holiest place for Muslims is also located in Medina. Moreover, the birthplace of the last prophet of Islam, Muhammad is in Saudi Arabia. Abraham, the father of the nation of Muslims, Christians and Jews, lives in Saudi Arabia.

That is why all Muslims are staring at Saudi Arabia. That is why Saudi Arabia thinks that Muslims have the right to dominate them. That’s why Saudi Arabia won the hearts of Muslims around the world by introducing Sharia law in its own country. However, Saudi Arabia has changed since Muhammad bin Salman became Crown Prince. In the time of Muhammad bin Salman, the first Saudi woman to go out on the street without wearing hijab. This number is slowly increasing.

Western culture imports to Saudi Arabia.

It is now normal for Saudi Arabia to import Western culture. The West is not forcing it on Saudi Arabia. Instead, Saudi Arabia is spending billions of dollars to import these cultures. A grand concert was held in Riyadh with American artist Justin Bieber. Besides, Indian Bollywood actor Salman has been invited by the Riyadh concert authorities.

While the number of cinema halls around the world is declining. Saudi Arabia has decided to open 300 cinema halls there. Where men and women can watch movies together. There is also the opportunity to watch 18+ movies. The Saudi government has also allowed women to watch the game in stadiums.

Saudi Arabia desert

Why are the Grand Muftis of Saudi Arabia not protesting?

A Saudi Imam who has been the imam of Mecca for some time has recently joined the Movie industry. A few days ago, Tabligh Jamaat was banned in Saudi Arabia. The reason given is that terrorism is spreading through Tabligh Jamaat.

The Saudi government has also called on the clerics to make people aware of the Tabligh Jamaat in the Friday prayer sermon every Friday. A few days ago, an American model did nude shorts near Medina.

Moreover, the Saudi authorities have decided to exclude Quran Sharif from compulsory subjects in schools. An Islamic book will be read to change the Qur’an. The Grand Mufti of Mecca himself has issued a fatwa stating that slavery in America is obligatory. According to the Grand Mufti of Mecca, America is helping to bring peace to the world.

However, many Salafi scholars have protested against Saudi Arabia’s current actions. However, most of them are now in jail. Moreover, several Shia scholars spoke out against the administration. The Saudi authorities executed all of them.

Saudi Arabia is currently a secular state.

At present, only the name of Sharia law is in force in Saudi Arabia. About ten to twenty thousand Bengali women have been raped in Saudi Arabia. However, a handful of people have been tried. By itself, the Saudi administration helps the culprits.

Saudi Arabia has all the qualities of a secular country. That being said, in the future, maybe Saudi Arabia will become a secular state like France, Turkey or America.

Muhammad Fahim
Writing online is not my job. But I like to write, so I write. As far as I know, that's all I want to tell you.



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