Xiaomi has captured the current mobile market in the world.


Xiaomi is a Chinese owned electronic company, Xiaomi exports a variety of electronic products around the world. However, Xiaomi is far ahead in the manufacture of mobile phones. Xiaomi’s phones are sold all over the world under three names. In the Indian market, the name of the Xiaomi phone is usually MI. Xiaomi and Redmi launched phones in the Chinese market. The global variant for the whole world is usually launched under the name Poco. In these three years of 2018-2019, Xiaomi sold the most mobiles in the Indian market. 75% of mobile users in India use Xiaomi phones.

Last year, Xiaomi became the world’s most popular mobile brand, surpassing Samsung during the Corona epidemic. Xiaomi has sold 81% of all the phones sold in the world in 2020. However, the revolution in the world’s phone market. Mobile brands like Samsung, Apple, Realme and Huawei have had to be pushed back to rise to the top of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi usually makes mobile phones with a price tag of around-400-500$. Xiaomi usually launches phones targeting gamers. Moreover, advanced means have brought many expensive phones to the market. Xiaomi was the first to bring a folded phone to the market.

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