Is India a true friend of Bangladesh?


Fifty years have passed since the independence of Bangladesh. For the last fifty years, India and Bangladesh have been known as best friends. However, at present, the Islamists of Bangladesh are claiming that India is the enemy state of Bangladesh. Not just Islamists. Many big analysts in Bangladesh think so.

On the Bangladesh-India border, Bangladeshis are constantly killed by BSF firing. According to 2020, BSF has killed about three and a half hundred Bangladeshis at the border.

The reason for the deterioration of relations between India and Bangladesh?

India considers itself the grandfather of South Asia. Which India itself has acknowledged. But India is transgressing all boundaries in its grandstanding. At present, no Indian neighbour wants to have a close relationship with them. India’s ally Nepal has also left India and joined hands with China.

At present, Bangladesh is India’s only neighbour who still respects India. That is why even though India cannot kill people on the border of any other country, Bangladesh does kill on the border. Although the government of Bangladesh has not taken any action,

Moreover, the Indian government is repeatedly informing Indian Muslims that they are Bangladeshis. Besides, India has been seen making sarcastic remarks against Bangladesh at different times. The Bangladesh government does not protest against India. Because the current Bangladesh government has survived with the help of India.

Has India deprived Bangladesh of its independence?

45% of people in Bangladesh think that Bangladesh is not independent yet. People think this is mainly due to India’s influence on Bangladesh. Moreover, the failure to make Kolkata, Assam and Tripura independent is also a cause of regret.

So according to many, if the current government of Bangladesh falls. Like India and Pakistan, Bangladesh-India relations will deteriorate. For which the BJP government of India will be largely responsible. Those who believe in radical Hindutva.

Muhammad Fahim
Writing online is not my job. But I like to write, so I write. As far as I know, that's all I want to tell you.



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